Monday, January 31, 2011

Fast Approaching!

First Friday February 4, 2011     5-9 pm

Bonjour!(Joignez-vous à la célébration) Please join us for refreshments and shopping in an (inoubliable)  unforgettable atmosphere.  As you know, our store changes daily, so if you see it and you like it, grab it fast!  There’s always something new and refreshing awaiting.
We’ve been on a month long hiatis and have transformed the shop, and filled it with fresh new  furnishings and home decor, and gift items that will make your sweetheart whistle (literally!).
Our hours after First Friday
Wednesday -Friday 10-6
Saturday 10-3
closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Joyeux Anniversaire

I have to share a little bit of my month with you, and thank all the dear loved ones that made it so  special.  I had a milestone birthday this month.  I also share this birthday with 2 family members, my twin sis and my son Weston, so it's always a big deal to celebrate together.   This family celebration was at my parents for a champagne brunch.  That was just the beginning...
There is nothing better than friends that know your innermost desires and I have been truly blessed with people that feed my soul.  I have this deep passion for anything French that must be deep rooted in my ancestry . Since I wasn't able to go to France, my partners and dear friends invited Ed and I over for a fabulous French meal prepared by Linda and her brother Rick.
Le Menu

Baked Brie

A beautiful table, Black and white and Read all over!

Bernie and Linda

Pears poached in red wine
Then my friend Carla had a party and Surprise-the theme was "An evening in Paris" another fabulous French meal and all my gifts had something to do with France.  The ladies all did lots of research for food, and what to wear etc.

Now I'm totally geared up and ready for the French Market!  Oh, and BTW I'm not over the hill,  I'm on top of it!  With a support team like this how can a girl go wrong...   I think I'm really going to like being 50!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ladies in waiting

The French Market is fast approaching and we are wishing we had another month off!  Honestly we are working at redecorating and filling the store with "Oh La La!"

These chairs are awaiting their beauty treatment starting with the sander.  Come visit us February 4th to find out their fate!

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.  
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Curtain Call 2011

For me, winter is nesting time,  time to curl up with a good book,  watch a movie and work on inside projects.  I shared with you last year my dining room draperies. They not only help heat the house but they add an element of warmth with the color and texture. 
So this January I made some for the living room.  When I bought this house I took down the formal white draperies and valances and loved the simple look of the wood blinds, but as you can see draperies do add another layer of interest,  it's an instant upgrade!

I went with a simple wooden doll rod that I stained to match the oak trim.  I am on the lookout for something unusual to use as a finial.

I love these antique acorn finials, but only have 2, so I'm thinking maybe something natural from nature.

like this, or
perhaps a set of very used crochet balls?
  The rings are black iron and the doll rod is one inch in diameter.  I would love to hear any of your
thoughts or suggestions.

Monday, January 17, 2011


I always loved the fact that my grandma and grandpa Marquis used a cloth napkin, so when I domesticated I bought some and used them for company. When I finally owned a washer and dryer I rarely used a paper product.  In fact, the only time I buy them is for my children's graduation parties, and it's not without guilt!    Some may argue that the washing is just as wasteful as the paper, but it's just a little square of fabric that can be thrown in with towels.  
When my kids were small, we each had a special napkin ring and if the napkin wasn't soiled it went back into the ring.  

Everyday napkins
 They start out here, and as you can see some have grease stains, that's ok with us because we have a drawer for company as well.  It's also fun to use items like bandana's, or those red grease rags that come in large quantities.
 When they are past their prime, they become dishcloths.  These woven gems are diehards!  I used these for at least 10 years as a napkin, and probably 2 years as a dish cloth.  When  they retire from here they go to the rag box.  Since they are all cotton, they can be composted when they have reached the very end.
 He who watches over the table and guards the napkins.
 Another fun trick for stained lace tablecloths like this one, dye them!  This was always a little to fussy for me in my warm colored room so I dyed it brown and now it's just right. (Sorry Mom!)
The company drawer.
It's just a baby step to being more green, if we all did it we could save a heck of a lot of trees :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Time to Get your Green on!

If you follow junk EVOLUTION then I'm sure you've already heard me talk about growing your own food because it's really the first step in eating healthy and being green.  Our friends from the Unity Gardens are hosting lots of wonderful classes this winter, that are listed below.  Their blog also has some great idea's for recycling coffee cups if you don't carry your own mug.   So check out their blog for more information.  We will also be hosting their annual plant sale on May 6 & 7.

Upcoming Collaboations with Potawatomi Conservatories 

Leaders: Andy Schnabel and Don Keim, Botanical Society of South Bend
will be giving a class on :
Jan 15 at 10 am Methods of Houseplant PropagationA hands-on workshop in easy techniques for propagating common houseplants. Everyone will get a chance to try these methods and return later to see how they turned

Unity Gardens will be doing a series of classes
Jan 22 10 am All About Vegetable PlantsAn overview about vegetables from seed to harvest

Jan 29 10am Planning Your Vegetable GardenPlan ahead: avoid problems in your vegetable garden

Feb 5 10 am The Dirt on SoilGood soil preparation makes your vegetable garden grow

Feb 12 10am Indoor Seed StartingGet a jump start on your vegetable garden

Feb 19 10 am Orchid Basics By Don Keim Feb 26 10am Garden PestsProtect your vegetable plants from insect pests, molds, and weeds

Mar 5 10am Maintaining your vegetable gardenKeep your garden in shape

All Classes will be held at Potawatomi Conservatories, 2105 Mishawaka Ave.

Monday, January 10, 2011

z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z

CLOSEDfor a long winter’s nap!

junk EVOLUTION is closed for redecorating until 
Febuary’s First Friday (the 4th) at 5:00 

We opened one year ago with a 
FRENCH MARKET so we’ll celebrate this year with that same theme.  The French love elegant curves with simple fabrics and an eclectic mix, and so do we!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Simple Abundance


I've been blessed by song and friendship on First Friday.  First off, it was a snowy day in South Bend, some of the shops around us were closing early due to the weather but our die hard customers and performers prevailed!  We packed the house and steamed up the windows!  Our  passersby are not used to seeing an empty display window, but we were saving it for our special guests  "The Bergamot"

Nathan and Jillian -The Bergamot
Many thanks to you both-YOU ROCK!
 A full house!

 Special Guests
 Steamy windows!
The Bergamot will be playing tonight (Sat. Jan. 8) at the Uncommon Ground in Chicago by Wrigley Field, so if your
in the neighborhood check them out!  You can also buy their new CD "Haven" on I tunes.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Customer Appreciation Day!

First Friday ~JANUARY 7, 2011, 5-9 PM
sail into the new year with
junk EVOLUTION-Carpenter Gothic
and live entertainment with The Bergamot.  We’ll be selling their newest release “Haven.”
The store will be closed for redecorating from January 8th until February’s First Friday (2-4-2011) when we’ll celebrate our ONE year anniversary with a French Market.  
So now is the time to shop!
***Plastic will be accepted however sale prices will not apply.
The aspects of things that are most important for us are hidden because of their simplicity and familiarity.