Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Curtain Call 2011

For me, winter is nesting time,  time to curl up with a good book,  watch a movie and work on inside projects.  I shared with you last year my dining room draperies. They not only help heat the house but they add an element of warmth with the color and texture. 
So this January I made some for the living room.  When I bought this house I took down the formal white draperies and valances and loved the simple look of the wood blinds, but as you can see draperies do add another layer of interest,  it's an instant upgrade!

I went with a simple wooden doll rod that I stained to match the oak trim.  I am on the lookout for something unusual to use as a finial.

I love these antique acorn finials, but only have 2, so I'm thinking maybe something natural from nature.

like this, or
perhaps a set of very used crochet balls?
  The rings are black iron and the doll rod is one inch in diameter.  I would love to hear any of your
thoughts or suggestions.


  1. I like the crochet balls, Really like your blog!

  2. Hard to give suggestions just by looking at the photos. I love those acorn finials, however. I've seen cups, salt and pepper shakes, cabinet knobs and even finial styled Christmas ornaments used as finials. I like the crocheted balls idea too. You'll know it when you see:-) Great blog!