Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Building a Terrarium

Wednesday evening I taught a terrarium class at the shop.  We all agreed it felt good to play in the dirt once again.

April 24, Green tip of the day- A LITTLE RAY OF SUNSHINE
Turning the rays of sun landing on your roof into energy is one of the most effective ways of generating your own renewable energy.  Solar power can be used to heat hot water or to convert heat into electricity.  
Even in the UK-not known as the sunniest nation-90,000 solar water heaters have been installed  (this book was written in 2010).  Heating water takes a lot of electricity, but these systems plug your household's plumbing into the sun's heat for carbon-free hot water.  Solar energy can provide half of your water heating needs even in overcast weather!

April 23, 2014

Green Tip of Day-  Buy Local
It's a no-brainer that locally grown food has spent less time in transit and storage, where flavor and nutrition start to fade.  Did you know that air-freighted food can make the CO2 emissions from your shopping cart exceed that of your car and home combined?
The best transport is from your garden to your door, but if that's not an option buying from the farmer is the next best.  Farmers Markets and Food Co-ops like the Purple Porch.

As you know it's not just the food stores you should shopping local you support the small businesses in your area.  They are the quaint shops like ours that keep the money in our area.

***Tonight is our Terrarium class!  We've got 2 more great classes coming your way and will be announced as soon as we alert the Craft Club members they will be open to the public.  Stay tuned!