Sunday, August 29, 2010

aaahhhh Sunday!

It started with this.... my favorite breakfast of huevos rancheros with garden salsa and sauteed veggies.  Sitting on the patio with my sweetheart.  Wearing sunglasses while eating breakfast-it's a good thing.

Then I had to deal with this....paperwork!  Not my strength.  I need to have my books in order for a meeting tomorrow morning (yes, I procrastinate until the last possible day).  Ed even suggested I take a break and go work on furniture for awhile, but I couldn't because I actually enjoy that, and find it hard to stop once I get going on a project.  

But I will take a break from the paperwork to share these photo's from yesterday.  Art Beat!  Thank you all for coming, we had a fabulous day and sold so much that we now have room to bring on the new items for First Friday,  Rust and Ruffles.

Junk as Art

Bethany from Inspire Me!

Our shirts are in!

See you all next Friday between 5-9 for appetizers and a glass of wine!