Saturday, April 7, 2012


Here are just a few pictures from First Friday.  Thank you to all who came,  it was a great crowd.  The Asian theme was such a hit,  we will be restocking the store next week!

  The pro's Tina & Suzi from X Pose photo's came and shot lots of pictures, so I'll be sure to share as soon as they arrive.

 Our very special guest artist Hiromi Winderquist of Harujion Design made some beautiful handbags with fabrics from Japan.  You have to see them to really appreciate all the hand work that goes into them (hand beaded and embroidered).  The fabrics are reproductions of vintage kimono fabrics.
 Hiromi invited some of her friends to wear their heirloom kimono's.  They are passed down from their mother's and treasured.  This one was a beautiful silk.  If the weather would have been rainy she would not have chanced ruining this heirloom.
 I love hearing the stories from their homeland and so appreciate every little detail that goes into everything they do.

The shoppers

 Children's table and chair set.  The chairs are retro and I designed the table to go with them.  The corners had holes so I made stash bags for crayons, markers etc, easily gathered up with a bead.
 Baby cradle set, and Hiromi's paper balloon mobile.
WABI SABI Saturday,  April 14th.  Paper Crane Class with Hiromi will take place at junk Evolution next Saturday.  Please call for reservations  574-215-7812.