Monday, September 24, 2012


So here's the Camellia cosmetics after junk Evolution...  If you didn't see the before photo's check out the last post.  
It's really hard to tell from the photo's but the walls before were pink, and because they have to be careful of how your  skin tones look in the light (being a make up store) we went with an off white on the walls.

The chairs before

The chairs after

The fixtures after j.E.
We added some wire racks to the top and distressed the cabinets.

Some rustic elements also can be used to display
her new line of merchandise.

Remember the sleek black counter?
It's now a bright spot in the store
Instead of the sleek black frames for the magazine covers
we used old pained windows to highlight them.
Linda designed the window displays so Rebecca can
display posters or merchandise on the wire baskets.

Bernie installing the bait box light fixtures.

To get the full affect you just have to visitCamellia's in Eddy Street Commons.  Rebecca and her staff are just wonderful.   I can't wait to go back and see her new merchandise, scarfs, and jewelry and jackets-Oh my!

Now for the rest of the story...  since we re-did her store it's going to be our turn to get make overs!  First Friday in November (the 2nd) our theme is Hollywood Glamor.  We're getting head to toe make overs!  Then Rebecca is going to come to our shop and give 5 minute make overs to our customers. . . In the mean time we have October to contend with and We're going to the "The Land of Oz" because there's no place like home!  Celebrate the Harvest with us October 5th.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Store Before-Camellila Cosmetics

Rebecca, the owner of Camellia Cosmetics - asked Linda and I to give her store a new Urban look.  She loves the look of Glam but it can sometimes give people the idea that it's to expensive to shop there, and her cosmetics are not that expensive.  She is also adding accessories and doing head to toe makeovers including what to wear for your body type (so much fun in one tiny shop!).   

Here are Rebecca and Linda talking about idea's.

Day one-heavy lifting!  We took everything out that needed
painting and rented some space close by to work.

One last look at the now empty space.

She just had the woman painted on the wall so
we are working with her!

The sales counter before

The furniture

Magazine covers that the shop is featured in.
I'll post some of the after shots tomorrow!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ta Da

It's finally done!

Ash wood, and industrial components and a big slab of granite make
for one beefy bar or island.  The height can also be adjusted to your liking.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What's to come of this?

It started with my man

and these industrial brackets

And some rough sawn ash wood
I'll share the finished product...hopefully tomorrow!

Monday, September 10, 2012

a Few of the Furnishings for September

Industrial gym lockers

Record player and stand

Mid-century chairs

Eames chair-I have a pair!

Mid Century blanket chest with an addition drawer.

A pair of heavy wood doors, scraped to perfection
Also a pair of grain separator end tables

Saturday, September 8, 2012




Rustic + galvinized

Mid-century + colorful vintage

Stand out pieces+ Storage

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


We're in a NYC state of mind this month.  Loft living with some mid-century modern, mixed with industrial, and some updated antiques.   We'll kick it off this Friday from 5-9 PM and it will contiune until October 3rd..

Back by popular demand  Christine Tirotta with a couple of classes
September 11 at 5:30 for the PAPER FLOWER CLASS.  $15.00, pre-registration required.
September 18-PAPER NAPKIN RING FOLDING CLASS $15.00, pre-registration required.
Also in September Linda & Char will be transforming "Camellia's Cosmetics" in the Eddy Street Commons, and in turn we'll be getting make overs.  Stay posted for updates!

images from here

The above images are the "feel" of what we hope to accomplish in our shop.  Don't know about you but I could live there!

One last big huge Thank you to all of our lovely customers who supported our last furndraiser "Lot 2545" An African mission to help get homeless boys get off the streets and in a home and school.  We grossed over $600. for the  mission and Miss Amanda Jones was a very happy lady.

Our roads are a nightmare right now and the only way to get here is by way of Jefferson Street to Hill, then turn on to Washington by the Knights of Columbus, then onto the brick street/alley (right) to the parking lot behind Piser Designs.  Sorry for the inconveince.