Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Art Walk on Saturday

Ok, who does not like a walk on a sunny, spring day?  This is what gets me going every single day.  I'm so blessed to live in the most picturesque town.  This is the Pumpkin Vine Trail that goes to Krider Park.

In this park Linda & Bernie got married almost 3 years ago.

The old tressel l bridge that the trains used to take.

I used to see this windmill from SR13 and always wondered what it was.  The park was in despair and then they brought it back to life.  It was originally a world fair exhibit in the 40's (I think).  Then Krider's nursery built it here, and the nursery used to be across the street.

Back to my sweet little street.  
So put a little spring in your step and head to South Bend for the Spring Art Walk.  We've been busy restocking with lots of new items.