Thursday, May 31, 2012

Before & After

BEFORE- it's a table (upside down)
AFTER-  It's a "Hawaiian" island!
Get the goods Friday at 5!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

June News @ junk Evolution

Puako Beach on the Big Island
We'll be celebrating Hawaii this month in the shop, so grab your grass skirt and get shaking.  The fun starts  Friday at 5 until 9 PM.  Just a reminder that we're closed the Thursday before.   We're packing the house with fun and entertainment, and special Vendors in the side yard.

To get the full scoop add your name to our mailing list (it's a once or sometimes twice a month thing).  We never share your name with anyone and it's easy to unsubscribe at anytime.  Email us at or send us a message on facebook.


Sunday, May 27, 2012


Michiganders are the outdoorsey type

They wear buffalo checks well.

They eat out of doors every chance they get.

 They wear comfortable styles that never die, like these vintage
camp shirts.

They like adventure and travel

and wildlife

They own or visit a cottage,

and enjoy the dog days of summer!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Idea's for Mom that will make her smile

Fill the room with sunshine and laughter

A grandchild to rock

The gift of your company

Perhaps a cruse around the lake (or ocean!)

A BBQ with family

Time to put your feet up

Someone to do chores

Good old fashion fun time


A letter from you

Breakfast, lunch or dinner

A poem
If you are the mother-  Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Go North for Fun

Our theme for May is Michigan.  Many hours of fun have been spent there lounging on the beaches or in the woods.  No modern technology needed just a picnic basket and sunscreen.  Here's a few shots of junk E this month.


a revamped retro tv cart





 I got to tour this local Brewery with the Green Drinks and wanted to introduce them to our customers.   They are a very "Green" business (after using the grains for beer, they go to farms for feed or on the fields).  By buying these growlers you can take them back for refills.  For more information on Four Horseman Brewing Company go here.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May News

Where are we heading this month?

North to the land of lakes and forest to enjoy the bounty of nature in all her glory...Pure Michigan!  

What are some of the thoughts that come to mind when you think about Michigan?
For us it's all the things that have to do with good old fashioned fun.  The kick back feeling of days gone by.  Thats the look and feel we'll be creating at junk E this month.   It's just part of our year in Travel.
We'll kick off this new look Friday from 5-9, and don't forget we're closed Thursday for redecorating.

ALSO JOINING US FOR THE WEEKEND...THE UNITY GARDEN'S for the 3rd annual Plant Sale.  Friday from 5-9 and Saturday from 10-3.  Come buy some plants for yourself, and do a world of good for your community!

May 10-  Flower Class with Christine  $15.00
It's a Thursday evening at 5:30, and pre-registration is a must,  you must pay in advance.

Mother's Day- May 13
You know we're full of great idea's for original, one of a kind gifts.  Come in and make out your wish list for your hubby and children.  We'll keep it on file!