Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Blessings

I wanted to share my favorite Christmas card with you.  It was from 1995, and it's special because
these are my children and my nieces Jade and Lyra. Their father John(Click his name for more info) and my sister Christine design the most beautiful cards to send to their clients each year.  He being a commercial photographer and she was a graphic designer.  
As you can see the children took to the task in such a sincere and humble way.  There was no goofing off.  It's almost like they were really there...
For the inside of the card they included a poem from our childhood that we once wrote for penmanship practice.   I remembered it all these years!  We only changed one name.

Wasn't he sweet!  Wasn't he sweet!
There were pins and needles in my feet
from kneeling long in the frosty stall,
but I never minded the pain at all.

Wasn't she nice!  Wasn't she nice!
His lovely mother who kissed us twice.
Were those angels real, do you suppose?
and didn't they were the darling clothes?

Lets hurry Jade!  Lets hurry Jade!
We'll ask our mothers to go again.
We'll bring some candles, some fuel and some sod,
and a baby goose for the son of God.


May you be blessed with cherished memories this Christmas and be surrounded by the people that make your light shine brightly.

Peace and Love,
Char, Linda and Bernie