Tuesday, October 25, 2011

junk evolution goes to college

Remember this guy?

Myles Robertson
 Myles is studying sustainability at IUSB and lives in the new housing on campus.  He was also hired by the school to try and make it  greener.  Myles came up with a great idea for junk evolution and put us up to the challenge of revamping his room to make it more functional.   He's also inviting his classmates and the school newspaper, and the South Bend Tribune in to spread the word about junk evolution.

This is what we started with (the rooms are furnished with your basic bed, desk and dresser).


 So this is what we did....

 Bernie made a hall tree from a tree for our favorite tree hugger,  Linda added castors to the bottom of the crates for under the bed storage, and Char made him a comforter quilt using his old favorite t'shirts.
 The headboard was constructed from castoffs and is a functional memo board. With the tall ceilings and boring cream walls we needed to add some height.   One of Myles favorite activities is Ultimate Frisbee so Bernie made him a clock, and the lamp is fashioned from dictionary's and the table is a album titled "Around the World in 80 days".  (Myles loves to travel).
 On the top of his desk we added some plants (he's also a gardener) and some rocks fashioned into picture holders....more elements from nature.
The mirror is embellished with squares cut from colorful pop cans.
The pillow is made from a sweater.

Myles made the comment that most of the students just run to their favorite big box store and buy all the items (probably made in another country).  So the rooms all end up kind of looking the same.  We really wanted to made a statement about Myles and incorporated elements that he enjoys.

So as you can see, it doesn't take that much to really personalize the space....just some castoffs and a vivid imagination!