About Us

Char, Linda, & Bernie)

Linda, & Bernie form the team called junk EVOLUTION.  Linda's background is in Art and Interior Design and Bernie is a talented artist and woodworker.  In this throw away society they decided to go Green and use items that may be past their prime or no longer used in their original form, and bring them back to life better then before.  

We embrace the French style of decorating because it uses quality, time worn pieces found at flea markets and a mix of styles, and also do custom work,design services, faux finish painting, and party planning.  All images are from junk evolution, unless noted. 

Urban Mountain Traders /Char Osborn Swoveland

You can take a girl out of the mountains but you can't take the mountains out of the girl!  I've lived in some beautiful mountain communities, and my offspring have followed the same path to Colorado and Hawaii and now one in Tennessee.  I get inspiration from the places that I love and visit often, and buy my beads on my travels.  Using only natural materials gives my pieces of sense of place, and makes me enjoy every minute of the process of making one of a kind pieces of jewelry.  I tend to be picky about comfort as well, so many of my pieces have a comfortable leather neck strap and it gives it a bohemian vibe.

I also up-cycle quality cast off clothing, the favorite being perfectly aged for comfort, flannel shirts and simple dresses.  You can check out my site here for more information.

Vintage Twill/Christine Tirotta 

 This business started as a Mother/Daughter venture with a deep love and appreciation of vintage clothing and accessories. We hand pick quality pieces that go back as far as Victorian turn of the century and go up to the funky 80's, We carry clothing, outerwear, hats, scarves, jewelry and hand bags, shoes and some men's fashion wear as well. 

    We feel strongly that by adding a little vintage to your wardrobe you can achieve your own personal unique look and each piece tells a story.

Carpenter Gothic/Gary White

Pieces are created from unrelated, found objects and architectural details. They are constructed to form one-of-a-kind furniture and decorative elements. Gary White is the creator of the unique assemblages that he refers to as Carpenter Gothic. He has a keen eye for rough old items that have the potential to be re-created into works of art. Starting with rediscovered pieces of furniture and architectural details from the past he performs his magic to bring about new pieces. The end result reflects his whimsical and caring reflections on historically based craftsmanship.