Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Decorating Challenge-Christmas

A friend/customer challenged me and others to decorate with things you already have and I had to laugh a little (ok,  a lot!).  I  always use what I have and every year in a new way.  This year I did buy some of that netting thats about 20" wide and thats it.  It will be a wonderful way to wrap gifts (if the people I give them to will reuse it).  

Then I went down and searched my stash for an old picture frame and some twine.

I added sparkle letters that say PEACE, glued to
a piece of twine.

I love these lanterns because you can fill it with whatever
is in season (a bird nest and flameless candle) .    Add a french
cafe chair in the right color and a deep red table cloth.

 I went into the woods and pulled out grape vine and wired them up on little cup hooks, then strung white lights and a string of patio lights from them.  Everyday on my walk I take extra bags to fill with pinecones etc to use in my decorating.  The urns are full of them.  Its so pretty at night when the lights are all crazy and you don't see the vines.  I went for a simple and understated look that cost me just a few dollars for a half off roll of netting, and only used a bit.