Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year

Twenty ten...  here it comes.  How will you be spending your New Years Eve?  I love being at home in the company of dear friends.  Nibbling on little finger foods and at midnight we get out the chocolate truffle fondu and champagne.

Bernie, Linda and I are all very excited about the new year and the Junk E. festivities and will let you know as soon as we have them written in stone.  If you would like to be included on our emailing list or snail mail, please let us know.
In the mean time have a safe and happy celebration!
Love & Peace,

Char, Bernie & Linda

Let the count down begin!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Curtain Call

I promised I would share a home project with you, so before we go on to the next season, here it is.  
My home is a 1920's Craftsman  home and one of the reasons I bought it is that it still has the original woodwork and window's.  My husband of 2 1/2 years (he came after I bought the house!) is a salesman for a home remodeling company.  So he would love to upgrade all my windows and never lets me forget where all the heat is going!(out the windows).  I promised him to try to make it warmer, by making some new draperies, and sheers.  
When we were preparing for the Christmas season I started making some patchwork, table cloths from the designer fabric samples, very rich warm colors in velvets and tapestries.  I took it into my dining room, and held it up to the window and low and behold...I found the perfect bohemian mix I wanted for the room.  Needless to say, they became new draperies.
We use our dining room for every meal,  and something about the room always felt a little to formal for me, so this did the trick to tone it down to my level of comfort.  The red walls are much deeper in the real (flash photography is not true to these photo's).   The red is trues to the deep red in the fabrics.  
It's pretty amazing how much warmer the room is now!  All the fabric was saved from a landfill, so the cost was right too-free!

Remember the reason for the season-He is our present because he is always in our presence.  
I hope you have a peaceful, beautiful Holiday surrounded by those you love. 


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Decorating with JUNK

I don't know why, but I like to change my decorations every year, and it starts with a theme.  Some of these things have been hanging around for years, and other's I actually bought or made to sell, but decided to use for my own home this year.  So the mad for plaid theme continued at home.  My son Jeramiah bought this cool vintage golf bag, (because he always wanted to dress in golf clothes and hit balls around).  I think he used it once.  So I borrowed it for my back door.

And my youngest son, Weston,  picked up the santa that stands in my back yard, at an auction (the left behind series!), and of course I was the one who asked him, "Now what in the heck are you going to do with that"???  He planned on a practical joke, but that never happened, so I sprayed a new coat of paint on him and plugged him in right next to my vintage lights.

I brought out the coolers, etc and the plaid theme continues in the front with lots of natural greens, cut from my trees.

The Heavy weight champ is in my sunroom/kitchen.

And my living room theme came from these outside summer lights that my daughter Rosemary and I found on sale at Target.  We thought they would look like vintage Christmas lights.  So I pulled out all the old world Angels, wings etc and made the stockings out of decorator fabrics that were saved from the landfill.
Next time I will share with you what else I made from the fabric, but right now I have a backgammon game to play with my wonderful husband in front of the fire.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Have a "GREEN" Christmas!

Americans use 38,000 miles of ribbon to wrap gifts each year and 4 million tons of gift wrap and shopping bags.  We are so programed as Americans to waste.  Think about how much we buy, just to throw away.   Cards, gifts wrap etc.  I am the one my family makes fun of on Christmas because I unwrap the gifts so carefully to save the wrap to use again.
This year I made a vow to not buy any kind of wrapping paper, and I don't get gift  boxes.  I make fabric gift bags that can be used for years...the gift you keep on giving.   You can also use beautiful tins for all kinds of gifts.  And for my family I am wrapping in news print and comic's  and it's actually amazing how beautiful the gifts look.  Add a real ribbon, or fuzzy yarn and that too can be used again and again.

 For big items...this is a fun thing to do on Christmas morning.  Hide the gift and either do a scavenger hunt or tie a string to it and make the recipient follow it to the item.
For gift tags, save the cards from the year before and cut them in the desired size, punch a hole with a puncher and add a ribbon.

My tree is a fake, and not a very realistic one.  I would much rather buy a live tree, but opted to use what I have this year.  To make it more appealing I add a lot of dried, real flowers that I grew last summer.  My daughter always picks the vintage glass balls for ornaments.  I wanted to share some facts on Artificial and real trees.  Artificial trees never biodegrade, and include potentially harmful material.  REAL tree's are good for the environment.  While they grow, they're absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, stabilizing soil and providing habitats for wildlife.  You can buy local to support local tree farms, and most fake tree's come from another country so they're shipped long distances.
After the season, real trees can be used as mini habitats for birds and other small creatures.  Use them for mulch to retain moisture and improve soil conditions.  They are 100% biodegradable.

Another option is to be creative,  my aunt Barb bought me this wonderful plant stand and it has so many uses.  Right now it's in our family room and it's the "FAMILY TREE".  Don't you love it!?  You could paint an old wood step ladder a fun color and decorate that with lights etc.   Just have fun with it and everyone else will too.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Junk Evolution Style

It's amazing how classy junk can be when used properly! 

We just got finished our new display in Middlebury, so please take the time to come and visit.  We have lots of great gift items.  Also one of a kind holiday entertaining serving pieces.

Rick, if you are out there, this wagon "coffee table" is
a post for you!  It's full of fresh moss, nature items and a small
bird in a nest.  What I love about it, is that for a collector such
as your self you could fill it w/vintage toys from your youth.
In the fall, it was full of straw and pumpkins.  You get the


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

To polish or not to polish?

If you know us,  then you know we love our tarnish and rust,  But decided to try something shinny for the holidays (it will always tarnish up again, right?).  If you have the right mix it will work,  beautiful green moss, plucked fresh from the earth.  A cup of coffee and a girlfriend to chat with, and one can of silver polish.  It's all about the transformation, and imagination.  Oh, and a little rust and burlap thrown in are a perfect combination!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Market Day at Cressy & Everett in South Bend

Last Thursday we were  part of a market day in South Bend.  We made lots of serving pieces for holiday entertaining.  After Thanksgiving you will be able to see the new wares at the Old Creamery in Middlebury.  We are firm believer's of giving Thanks and celebrating Thanksgiving, so we are saving Christmas for after the Turkey.    Circa Arts will be having their annual holiday Art walk on December 5th.  There is always lots of goodies to snack on and great local art and gifts for giving.  Please be green and buy local!

My partner in junk-Linda (below).

My twin Christine sold her awesome lamps and jewelry.

Monday, November 2, 2009

November Happenings

Another busy month for Junk E,  and for you I'm sure!  Keep us in mind for getting your home ready for the Holidays...table scapeing, decorating and gifts!  

First of all " The Old Creamery Antique's"  will be open late on November 20th,  from 5-9pm,   and you can take advantage of a 20% discount store wide!

That same weekend Junk Evolution and Rumspringa Wear, Urban Twist and Global Warming will be in Argo's for an open house (see the invite below).  That starts on November 19th.  So if you are taking a road trip to Indy please stop by.

We were also invited to do a market day for Cressy & Everett in South Bend on the 19th.  So as you can see we'll be ready for a holiday by Thanksgiving!
And speaking of Thanksgiving the Creamery is decked out for the season.  I've included some photo's.

Christmas Open House
Crafts and Gifts
You’re invited to join us in our home
at 500 N. Michigan St., Argos.
During these three days we open 7 rooms
of our 1890's home for Christmas shopping!!
We have invited over 30 crafters
to bring us their specialties.
The house will be decorated for the holidays
and each room filled with hundreds of
wonderful handmade treasures. Bring your
Christmas list and browse through our
home enjoying Christmas music and hot cider!
Thurs. Nov. 19, 10am-8pm
Friday Nov. 20, 10am-8pm
Sat. Nov. 21, 10am-4pm
Jon and Jacki Alcorn
~bring a friend~

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Creamery Antiques

As the leaves change colors, so does Junk E. The Creamery has been transformed into a warm and cozy nesting spot. You can almost smell the Turkey cooking in the oven, as you check out some idea's for table scapeing. And speaking of Table Scapeing...Linda and I would like to see if there are any peeps out there that would like to sign up for "A walk in the woods, table scapeing class". We will hunt and gather goodies from Mother Nature, and then show you how to throw together a beautiful spread on the cheap, by using what mother gives us, and what you already have in your cupboards. The class will be at my house in Middlebury, Tuesday, November 10 at 7pm Linda and I will show you how to set a table. If you are interested email me at The class is $20.00 and size is limited.

My sweet little Street
Great new displays at the Creamery.
All you need for entertaining for the Holidays.
please pass the gravy...
Trick or Treat?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

french Market-Barn Fest Vendor's

Many Thanks to the Vendor's that were part of the French Market/Barn Fest. They put up with the cold wind that blew all weekend.

Shelia Leal & Glenda Goins of Candy Apple corner

Kathleen Stone-Weaver and Spinner with Kori Cripe of Meadow Brook Farm
Jessica Flores~Artist /Designer
Brad Carney-Abstract Artist
Dalis Andrews~woodcarver/artist

Monday, October 19, 2009

French Market-Barn Fest

Just wanted to Thank everyone who attended our first (hopefully annual) French Market Barn Fest. We had such a great time, and an unbelievable response. You have encouraged us to continue on, so this is just the beginning of a lot more fun. We will be busy at "The Creamery Antique Mall" tomorrow setting up a harvest theme display, so if you didn't make it to the fest, stop by this weekend.

Give us a few days to catch our breath and we'll be planning the next big event.

The photo's below are of the Harvest Room, and the team that made it happen. Myself, partner Bernie Sherck, daughter Rosemary, her friend Leo, partner Linda Sherck, and Kori and Troy Cripe, with Murphy, owners of this beautiful property.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Directions to Meadow Brook Farm

If you are coming from Middlebury, or Elkhart, Shipshewanna take US 20 to the CR 35 intersection and turn south by the Hilltop Restaraunt. CR 22 will T at the end of CR35, turn right. It's approximately 5 miles and will be on your right.

From Goshen take Middlebury Street, (also CR 22) and go North aprox. 5 miles. Just past the straight away part of the road on the left you will first see the big red barn, then the beautiful farm house.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

French Market-Barn Fest

PLACE: Meadow Brook Farm

ADDRESS 16263 County Road 22, Goshen, IN


Saturday, October 17, 8-10 Early Bird Shopping ($3.00 fee charged )

10:00 TO 5:00 free admission

Sunday, October 18, 12:00 TO 5:00


Bernie & Linda Sherck & Char Osborn Swoveland form the team called junk EVOLUTION. Char and Linda have backgrounds in Art and Interior Design and Bernie is a talented artist and woodworker. In this throw away society they decided to go Green and use items that may be past their prime or no longer used in their original form, and bring them back to life better then before. They embrace the French style of decorating because it uses quality, time worn pieces found at flea markets and a mix of styles. They also do custom work, and offer design services, faux finish painting, and party planning.

also joining us at the farm

Christine Tirotta

Christine uses found objects in her art and jewelry designs. She will be showcasing her new line of french inspired necklaces and bracelets, made with vintage chains and pearls. She also creates beautiful lamps made from collectable old tins.

Jessica Flores

Originally a watercolor painter, Jessica Flores is exploring a new creative avenue with her handmade accessories and stationery featuring a signature mix of bright color and pattern. She enjoys using vintage fabrics, trim, buttons and kitchen linens from as late as the 1940's for her colorful housewares and handbags. For more on her inspiration, process and products, visit

Brad Maurice Carney

Member Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Exploring the medium of oils over aluminum through abstraction I am continually amazed at the results achieved.

Dalis Andrews

Dalis has been involved in various types of artwork all her life but became serious about it in the early 90s when she discovered woodcarving. Lessons with carving icons Tom Wolfe, Harold Enlow, Desiree Hajny and Peter Ortel helped lay the groundwork for many of her techniques prior to designing her own pieces. She co-founded the Crystal Valley Carving Club, which continues to meet in Middlebury, Indiana.

In the heels of woodcarving came a more serious interest in painting and sketching. With no prior formal training, Dalis took classes at the Elkhart Art League in pastel painting, and continued to create pieces in the photorealistic style, unique for pastel painting.

Kathleen Stone

Artisan Kathleen Stone weaves charming rugs and unique handbags using timeless techniques and colorful durable materials. Browse a beautiful variety of colors, sizes and styles, plus Kathleen's hand spun yarns and dried lavender crafts.

Sheila Leal & Glenda Goins

Candy Apple Corner is a love of Vintage Style Living. We offer unique finds of painted furniture, objects aged by time, and artwork. Everything offered by the sisters, Sheila and Glenda, are handpicked to stay true to the style of all things old and worn. There is even a line of furnishings for the little one in your life. Services include design, painting, artwork and mural work. Let Sheila and Glenda bring vintage inspired living into your home.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Art Beat Saturday

We had a very successful day. Perfect weather, tons of people and the best spot for showcasing our goods and last but not least-great sales! So thank you South Bend! King B and the Green Queens are very grateful.

Now, onward to the French Market October 17 & 18. Can't wait!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gearing up for ART BEAT '09

This Saturday is Art Beat, downtown South Bend. King B and the Green Queen's (other wise know as Junk Evolution) will be there. Our booth will be on Colfax by FireArts Gallery. So come and support your local starving artists. Think global, shop local.

Since our tent will be small, we are taking some smaller items that you can walk away with, like the birdbath shown here, cheese serving boards, wire baskets that have a vast amount of uses, buckwheat hull pillows, candleiers, chandeliers, RUMSPRINGA WEAR, & URBAN TWIST jewelry made from junk!

Saturday, September 19, 2009



A day at the farm like you’ve never

had! Fresh air, warm sunshine

(hopefully), a historic farm, and the

coolest setting we could find to

showcase our newest wares. If you

are familiar with junkEVOLUTION,

you know we don’t sell junk, rather

we breathe new life into discarded or

unwanted items as they become

charming useful treasures sure to

find a place in your home and heart.

junkEVOLUTION is hosting a

group of very talented artisans to

join us for our very first harvest

showing of beautiful home

furnishings and accessories at the

historic Meadowbrook Farm, located

in the picturesque farming

countryside between Goshen and


Relax, browse and shop in the

original 1860’s barn full to the

rafters with furniture, accessories,

and boutique items displayed in true

junkEVOLUTION style. You never

know what you may find hanging

from those rafters! We will also

have lots of decorating ideas for all

the upcoming holidays as well as

plenty of opportunity to start your

holiday shopping with handcrafted

items from local artisans. Food will

also be available for purchase if you

do indeed plan to spend the day in

the country.


ADDRESS 16263 County Road 22




fee charged )

10:00 TO 5:00 OPEN BUYING


12:00 TO 5:00


Check our blog for information regarding the participating

artisans and directions:

Here is a link that tells about the farm where we will be.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Save the Dates

Upcoming Junk Events

Friday, September 18~ Middlebury Fall Fest
The Old Creamery Antiques has extended hours for the occasion! We're open until 9:00pm, and they are serving refreshments.
The Old Creamery
333 N. Main Street
Middlebury, IN

Saturday, September 26~ Art Beat, downtown South Bend
We are working on some smaller items that you can walk away with. Cool light fixtures, cutting boards, trays etc. Also Rumspringa Wear and Urban Twist.

October 17-18~ Barn Fest-Parisian Style at Meadowbrook Farm in Goshen.
More details to come, just save the date!

Friday, August 28, 2009

New Fall Displays

Junk Evolution had another busy week. Lot's of the new item's sold so we got busy and added new merchandise yesterday. This is my kind of French, a mix of gaudy gold and rustic.

Traditional but not fussy...
Vintage Brush Collection
Antique buggy full of homegrown hydrangea's, & antique light fixture that now holds candles.
Vintage wool for fall, made into pillows, throw's and covering an ottoman.
All these items are at The Old Creamery Antique Mall
333 N Main Street
Middlebury, IN