Friday, June 10, 2011

A view from THE MAN CAVE

 So sorry I didn't get to take pictures before the big event on Friday but here are some of the new items,  and as the month goes on they might not be as manly as they started!
Map desk, and old tool trunk

1900's Amazon, with wood rim,  Mike Wolfe are you out there?

There is a man on it-he's French!  It's de-lectrified, candles only
great for entertaining outdoors.

a 3 piece set in mint condition $29.00

our theme is All American Dad 

The multi-purpose bed springs!  Makes a great wine rack,
or a headboard if you like the industrial look.

Carpenter Gothic game table

retro laundry cart, add a glass topper and you've got an
instant bar!

a newspaper /magazine rack with brackets
Thank you all for another great time.  Next month our theme is "Take me to the Lake."  July 1st, is First Friday.