Saturday, January 25, 2014

Art Canvas Class with Wine!

Crafters Club

After the last class we had so many requests for more. So we got busy 
planning for a year full of fun crafts. Then we thought why not start a club for crafters?  

For $50. you will become a member and will be first informed of the
classes. You will be discounted for your classes (so you’ll end up
getting all your money back if you participate in 10 classes). After we inform the members we’ll open them to the public.

ONE WORD recycled canvas Class/Dinner

Our first class will be Feb. 12 at 6pm. and will take a few hours. It’s a
art canvas type class but in junk e style we’ll be doing a little bit
of recycling. Since we’ll be here awhile we thought it would be fun to
have everyone bring a salad to share (we’ll make the soup). It’s also a
very meaningful class. I’ve been reading a book called “One Word”
and the focus of the book is this...instead of making a bunch of new
years resolutions (we don’t keep) pick just one word to focus on. ONE
meaningful word. The art project will have your ONE WORD so be
thinking of you word for 2014 ( it can be anything meaningful to you).

The cost of this class is $35.00. Members $30.00 All supplies included (and the wine). If you're not a drinker tea will also be served.

Class size is limited.

Call Char 574-215-7811 to reserve your spot.