Sunday, May 23, 2010

Linda takes the cake!

Linda was so excited about this picture, she bought it and walked it to it's new home at Junk E behind the counter.  It's from the old Macri's bakery.  And boy have cakes come a very long way!  No ace of cakes here!  More like the big fat greek wedding.  We're not sure we can part with this masterpiece, but we may rent it!  Wouldn't it be fun to put your wedding party's cutout faces on the cake people?

Ok, now a few simple rules to live by...

Take time out of every day to create.
Get some exercise -it's ride your bike to work month!

Get your hands dirty-plant something and watch it grow.

Eat well,( and on a pretty vintage mix of dishes!)

And be good to yourself, a little pampering is good for your soul.
And don't forget to eat some cake!  Everything in moderation.
Have a great week!