Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More bags by Hiromi!

Linda and I were graced with some beautiful bags that Hiromi made for us.
This one, as you can see is from an elbow of a sport coat.  Perfect for make-up or whatever,and embellished with embroidery.

 This fabric was a small scrap left over from upholstering this chair.  She turned it into this fabulous french styled purse.  Oh, and I should mention that the insides look just as nice as the outsides, fully lined in pretty fabrics.    For more information please read the post below on Wabi Sabi Saturday.

Wabi Sabi Saturday April 9th

WABI SABI-has been defined variously in English as: tranquil simplicity, austere elegance, unpolished, imperfect, or irregular beauty, rusticity, things in their simplest, most austere, and natural state, a serene, transcendental state of mind.

 Hiromi started out with these...
and turned them into these...

Do you have a favorite textile  in a cedar chest, closet or drawer just waiting for her?  She will be in the shop from 10am until 3pm taking special orders (in time for mother's day).  Give a gift that pulls at the heartstrings this Mother's day...make it special and unique.  She has more samples on display, and many more choices for patterns.    

To check out Hiromi's blog go here.

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