Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Store Before-Camellila Cosmetics

Rebecca, the owner of Camellia Cosmetics - asked Linda and I to give her store a new Urban look.  She loves the look of Glam but it can sometimes give people the idea that it's to expensive to shop there, and her cosmetics are not that expensive.  She is also adding accessories and doing head to toe makeovers including what to wear for your body type (so much fun in one tiny shop!).   

Here are Rebecca and Linda talking about idea's.

Day one-heavy lifting!  We took everything out that needed
painting and rented some space close by to work.

One last look at the now empty space.

She just had the woman painted on the wall so
we are working with her!

The sales counter before

The furniture

Magazine covers that the shop is featured in.
I'll post some of the after shots tomorrow!