Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Junkies are tripping!

ROAD TRIP -We break for junk!  Bernie, Linda, Ed and I decided to do the US 40 garage sale,( a sale that stretches from state to state).  We jumped on in Richmond, IN.  On the way up we saw an estate sale sign in Kimell (a very small farm town).  Since it was bright and early we hit the mother load of great oldies.  Someone made the comment, "Well should we just go home"?  We asked the owner if we could store it until Sunday, and that was fine, so on we went.  The garage sales were ok, but since they started on Wednesday and it was Friday, they were picked over.  We did the 20 mile stretch and got a few treasures, then headed up to Madison, IN, home of Clifty Falls State Park, it's right on the Ohio River.  We stayed the night, then hiked then next morning.

This is one of the many beautiful sights.

                                                               Me, Bernie & Linda (The Junkies)
                                                Clifty Falls State Park.
                                                Ed, Linda & Bernie at the dock restaraunt on the Ohio river.  We always forget to take pictures of our loot, sorry about that, but the van we rented was pretty full,  so check the shop next week for some great new displays.