Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tickled Pink

Who say's that Christmas has to be Red & Green?  It's really more of a show stopper to switch it up,  choose colors from your home and run with it! 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Green Christmas

Some of our customers ask to see our homes and how we decorate for the holidays.  In my home it's very simple, but I pay lots of attention to the tiny details.  I always hope to draw people in for a closer look.  With a theme in mine,  I rummage through my boxes and choose from what I already have, then add lots of natural elements from my yard.

My outside is decorated merry and fun with large vintage colored lights and colorful elements, so I wanted the inside to be quiet the opposite (always a mix for me!)

My foyer
 A little garden statue, and the nativity that I grew up with -the reason for the season.
Living room
Natural and homespun
 When my kids were little we made these bark houses, one for each child.  We had so much fun
and by bringing these out every few years hopefully brings back happy memories of time spent together.
Just add in what you have

my bird nativity on a Bible.

Weston's Armadillo house!  

JD's oatmeal box house with a mushroom roof

 Stockings I made from my great, great grandmother's quilt, that had seen better days.
 I enjoyed my branch tree so much last year that we repeated the process.  It's a Charlie Brown tree but the ornaments show, and the savings from not buying a tree will go to a charity.
 Not one red cent was spent on the wrappings.  The paper gift bags were saved from gifts we received last year.

Burlap, comics, and fabric gift saks are my green wrappings.  Once you make a commitment to not buy the wrappings you will be more aware of what you can re-use.   I can sew a bag quicker than wrapping a gift, and it can be used for years to come.  We also sell them at the shop.

Dining room buffet

A fun way to display cards.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Attention All Men!

12 days of giving...

The shops on Colfax are hosting a Men's shopping night next Wednesday, December 21st, and the stores will stay open until 8:00.  This gives them a chance to come in and buy their sweethearts last minute gifts!  Ladies, feel free to come in and make a detailed list of what your heart desires so that we can better help your man with his selections.

 Let's make your favorite shops-their favorites too!
Deer in the headlights look, yes they all have it a few days before Christmas!

Hope makes the impossible possible.

And we deliver!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 days of giving

One of our customers told me about something she does at Christmas.  You know how Ellen DeGeneres has the 12 days of giving?  Well, Lori cleans our a different room, closet, cabinet every day and fills a bag to give or donate.  Is that brilliant or what!  She motivated me to get cracking and it feels so good on many different levels.  Thanks Lori!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our Bell Ringer

 Stella in all her recycled Glory!  She's been dragged from a dumpster, embellished and finally is at the top of her game!  Decked out in a poncho (Christmas Tree skirt) and studded with handmade ornaments from her head to her...

Toes!  (literally-stocking feet! and vintage shoes)
Shouting out the joys of junk evolution....
Re-use, Re-purpose,  Re-cycle!

Merry Christmas to All!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

B - 4 and after

Most of the times we are to busy to remember to take before pictures, but thanks to a customer who wanted a better look at this wood table I took some.  It was a great table to start with and had so much detail that I really wanted to accentuate.  


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rocking the night away

      I probably sound like a broken record sometimes but my feelings are deep rooted and it's my mantra to always use what you have available to you.  Usually it's applied to supplies in our art/decorating but as I've mentioned before we've been blessed by so many awesome customers that I try to utilize their talents as well.  Sometimes they end up as my inspiration for themes as they were once again for First Friday,  "Dancing into December."  
     Maggie and Maureen are two sustainable chicks that live the green local, ride bikes, recycle etc  We got to know them from their patronage to our shop, and in a conversation one day I learned from Maggie that she's been taking Ball room dancing lessons for 10 years and so the story goes the gals and their husbands were our live entertainment from 5 until 9.  They literally rocked our world and all our customers, people passing by...
Thank you Maggie, Eric, Maureen & Stephan!

Maureen and Stephan
Maggie & Eric

 The other person we love to promote and who you may already know is Hiromi.  She's our Artist of the month and came with a plethora of new purses and jewelry.  I happen to love the purses that are made from recycled kimono's because of their vibrant colors and patterns.  Check out more

 This is the art of Linda (above).
our White Christmas in the shop
and my white backyard Wednesday morning!

new ways to use old items

A chair suitable for royalty!

Alternative's for Christmas trees!

Vintage goodness

Mona welcomed (and maybe scared) the guests!


We're loving orange and light turquoise together! 

Barn louver turned plate rack


               Henry David Thoreau

Also many thanks for all the donations collected for the food pantry and homeless shelter.  

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The countdown begins!

Happy December 1st!  We all know the race is on to find the perfect gift for our favorite people.  We are also preparing for First Friday tomorrow and you'll love all the new items Hiromi brought in today.  She is our guest artist for the month of December and will be in the shop to meet and greet, and to answer any questions you may have about her work.  She will also be doing the Furoshiki demonstrations on Saturday from 11 -1.  For a sneak peek at her new bags  go here.

We hope to see you tomorrow evening from 5-9 PM!