Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wedding Stuff

*All photography is the property of Ryan Hodges.  No copies without permission Please.
Candy Bag favors

Engagement photo's by Lauren Brown
We couldn't throw anything because we didn't
leave the venue, so when they we're introduced
we blew bubbles.

We also had one for Mrs. Carpenter!
Cake and cupcakes by Layered Designs

And it was!

The Old Bag Factory

This antique play pen was perfect for the gifts...afterwards we just loaded it
in my SUV and took the gifts home.  It's available for rent!

The Candles are available to rent from Luna Moth-more information to come!

All the centerpieces were different, we had so much fun creating them.
The gift card bike is also for Rent.  

As we all know the "things" are just that.  However they do help to make the wedding, they  give a sense of taste and style and set the mood.  They make your guests and the wedding party feel special.  The things we  remember are the smiles and the laughs, and the tears among all the special moments that go by way to fast.
I couldn't post all the photo's at once but will share a few of the people photo's at another time.  For more information on "getting the goods" please contact me or Linda.  We would love to help you with your special day!  We have lots of great items available to rent, and lots of resources.