Sunday, May 16, 2010


I've been in the mood for a new summer color and was really hoping it would be this Simple Daisy blue that I love for summer.  When you only have a few choices of intense dye colors I don't always get the results I desire when I start mixing the colors.  Anyways it's a deep teal and it is a beautiful color non the less.  These new Rumspringa Wear will be in the shop this week, they are perfect for a day at the beach.

I also acquired a hugh amount of vintage buttons so I made some new Urban Twist neck gear.

I've also been busy getting ready for my youngest son's graduation party and a prom, and my daughter's birthday.  

Weston is a budding young film maker and will be attending Ball State next Fall.
A sneak peak at Prom attire.  What I love about this kid is his sensible side (he wanted to own a suit instead of renting a tux) and he is his own person and has his own sense of style.  He loves vintage too!

Next project for Saturday was the garden-planting I truly try to live life in the greenest possible way, and that starts in the back yard.    I got a couple new beds thanks to my wonderful husband.   A great way to repurpose an old natural fiber rug is to use it under mulch to keep the weeds down.  So here it is before mulch.

And here it is after, with plants in place.

Bowling Balls add visual interest as yard art.
So, what did you do this weekend?