Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Green Tip of the Day

Greener Building Materials

Whether you are constructing a dream home or renovating an existing dwelling, building work can cause a great deal of disruption, dirt and waste.  A sustainable building plan aims to cut waste, make efficient use of resources and produce a building that will have minimal impact on the environment over its whole life.

Energy and water saving features are often easier to include in your home at the construction stage.  Start by hiring an architect or builder who understands what's important to you.

Some building materials-cement, plaster, plastics and metals are made in energy-intensive processes.  Sheep's wool insulation, local slate, stone and sustainable wood use less energy in production and transportation.  Avoid wood preservatives and paints that contain toxic chemicals.

Try sourcing materials from reclamation and salvage yards: beautiful doors, fireplaces, and wooden floor boards may be among your finds.

Around a sixth of the wood brought to a construction site does not get used and ends up in landfill as offcuts instead.  Ensure that as much leftover material is recycled or reused as possible.

From: The Earths Handbook

Friday, April 25, 2014

Make Use of April Showers

It seems a little crazy to pour drinking-quality water on the garden, on the car or down the toilet.  Using rainwater where appropriate cuts the expense and energy needed to treat and transport water.
Install a rain barrel-a large container that collects water that falls on your roof direct from the drainpipes.  Even a large barrel can fill in less than an hour in a heavy downpour.  When you need to water the garden or clean the car, a tap at the base of the barrel allows you to fill a bucket or watering can.
From the Earth Handbook

Here's a barrel painted by Patty Reddy that will be auctioned off at the Rain Barrel Ball.  For more information check out the website Greening the Bend.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Building a Terrarium

Wednesday evening I taught a terrarium class at the shop.  We all agreed it felt good to play in the dirt once again.

April 24, Green tip of the day- A LITTLE RAY OF SUNSHINE
Turning the rays of sun landing on your roof into energy is one of the most effective ways of generating your own renewable energy.  Solar power can be used to heat hot water or to convert heat into electricity.  
Even in the UK-not known as the sunniest nation-90,000 solar water heaters have been installed  (this book was written in 2010).  Heating water takes a lot of electricity, but these systems plug your household's plumbing into the sun's heat for carbon-free hot water.  Solar energy can provide half of your water heating needs even in overcast weather!

April 23, 2014

Green Tip of Day-  Buy Local
It's a no-brainer that locally grown food has spent less time in transit and storage, where flavor and nutrition start to fade.  Did you know that air-freighted food can make the CO2 emissions from your shopping cart exceed that of your car and home combined?
The best transport is from your garden to your door, but if that's not an option buying from the farmer is the next best.  Farmers Markets and Food Co-ops like the Purple Porch.

As you know it's not just the food stores you should frequent...by shopping local you support the small businesses in your area.  They are the quaint shops like ours that keep the money in our area.

***Tonight is our Terrarium class!  We've got 2 more great classes coming your way and will be announced as soon as we alert the Craft Club members they will be open to the public.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What are YOU doing for OUR EARTH?

Today marks the 44th Anniversary of the first annual Earth Day founded to highlight the importance of environmental issues.  This special day isn't meant to replace our year-round efforts to tackle environmental problems,  but it is a good time to join millions of other concerned citizens all over the globe.  To find out what's happening near you visit the website www.earthday.net.

Fernwood Botanical Gardens  Early Spring
 It's never to late to start.  I'm really surprised and disappointed in the number of people I know who don't recycle because it's not convenient.  Everything good takes discipline.  (There are 3 I's in that word!)   
I feel guilty throwing anything into the trash if it might be recycled in some way.  Our junk mail gets shredded and goes into the compost.  You wouldn't believe the rich soil our pile produces with all the kitchen scraps and yard waste.  That rich soil goes right in to my raised beds (below) to grow our food.   If you don't grow your own food put it on your flower beds.  By growing your own food it saves in trips to the store.  The benefits of eating organic and straight from the garden means more nutrient rich meals, and hopefully less trips to the doctor :).  Once you start the ball rolling it's a win, win situation for you and the earth.
I just bought a new book "The Earth Handbook by Christine McCartney & Samantha Booth and I'll be sharing something you can do everyday for the rest of this year.

Just a reminder to all who signed up for our Terrium class- it's tomorrow night at 6PM.  See you then!


Friday, April 18, 2014

New This Week!

I have a few spots left for the Terrium class next Wednesday.   Call or stop by to reserve your seat.  Char 574-215-7812

spring cloche sold complete

Jewelry Love -Artfully display your jewelry and make
it easy to access.

The perfect way to serve deviled eggs

I just realized my mistake....do you see it???

How fun is this?

The perfect original crackle 

a penny for your thoughts...

Need a boot tray=this one would be great for the mud room!

Natural Easter Grass

We have Children's items for this month only.

Baby gifts-new and slightly used quilts.

Vintage glass baby bottle

Haviland China 12 place settings

Mona and her daughter Lisa all dressed for Easter

Outside looking in, all child sized.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Little Things at J.E. this Month

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...it's the little things that you love that makes a house a home.  We search, and craft the whole year long to come up with the right mix each month.  Here's a little of what you will see in April.

Easter Cloche for now, use for a plant next month

To Haviland china and old galvanized lanterns

Repurposed lighting

Mid-Century storage

Child sized antiques with new weaving

Vintage Kids clothing

Not just for kids!  Linda used it as a centerpiece!


Antique basket quilt with a new star (Dog not included)

Camelback Trunk used open as a bedside table.  Use for
blanket storage, sweater storage etc.  The tray is included.

A thought for the day...


Have a beauty full Sunday!  We'll see you on Wednesday.  Oh, and we still have 3 openings for the Terrium class on April 23rd at 6PM.  Call Char if interested.  574-215-7812