Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Curtain Call 2013

If you've been a follower of our blog then you know this is always one of my January projects, when I actually have time to work on MY home.  You would also know that I like using common, but unusual items to make my window treatments.

The room that needed draperies is really a dining area connected to my kitchen, but I like using it as a place for tea (or wine)dreaming and entertaining.  We use our dining room for all meals so if I had a table in this room (which also has the back door) it would just be a catch all and trust me I don't need another spot for that! Anyways I needed something heavy enough to keep out the cold and hot sun in the summer but because it's a sun room I like it light in color so it looks airy in the warm months.

So here's what I started with...3 Large canvas drop cloths and copper pipe.
   Here's what the space looks like (notice the copper curtain rods).

And here they are all finished-hot off the press.  I made a 4" rod pocket and used that to hang them by but for summer I'm going to turn them upside down and hang them by the clip rings (below).  That way they'll open up a bit more.  This way is best for keeping the heat in.

clip rings
 The large drop cloths have a seam in the center that I ripped so it made 2 panels for the large windows.
Draperies like this are very easy, just time consuming because of all the measuring and ironing.  The sewing part is a straight seam and goes smoothly.  When I get tired of the plain canvas I might even paint a pattern on them and when I'm ready for new they'll be used for what they were originally intended-drop cloths!  So what are some of your winter home projects???

Happy Crafting,