Thursday, October 24, 2013

Eat Wild Potluck

As business owners, we try to find a happy balance between work and play but when you love what you do it oftentimes overlaps.  Some customers who have become friends, suggested that we host a dinner for a group of local Foragers.  (Something near and dear to my actually goes beyond organic gardening.  It's using what's already there and eating off the land like our forefathers, hunting and gathering).  So of course we said yes.  Willow actually said we were perfect because we hunted and gathered for a living! I had talked to Suzi and Tina of A Love Worth Telling or I should say they approached me a few years ago about hosting a harvest feast,  so I agreed as long as they could be a part of the evening.  They took the beautiful photographs below.  

The food was incredible to say the least.  It was like going to your favorite restaraunt and not having to worry about any chemicals or additives and getting the freshest ingredients.  I don't think anyone even touched the salt or pepper because everything was perfectly seasoned.  It was really that good!  We met so many talented and interesting people and hope to plan some events for the spring time.

junk Evolution set the stage and brought in enough tables and chairs for 20, set the tables and foraged for the drinks.  Wild herb teas (mint and bee balm) and fresh apple cider.  We found an apple tree at the Humane Society that needed to be picked and took the apples to our local Cider Mill.

To read more about the evening from a forager/writer go here.  To join the group on Face book go here.