Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Sunday Treat

When we lived on the Big Island we visited Oahu where our friends Kamtaun and Cheu lived.  They took us to China town because we love to try new foods.  I kept seeing the drink dispensers full of a bright orange milky drink, and a creamy coffee one.  Cheu told me that it was Vietnamese coffee and tea.  They are very sweet but soooo delish on a hot day!   I bought the tea and would make it often.

I recently made Vietnamese popsicles and they took me back to life on the island!  Trust me these are for Adults only unless you want to have very hyper children!

I buy this expresso from Marci's Italian Deli and made 2 cups.  Then added sweetened condensed milk until it's carmel colored.  (it didn't take very much).  Then poured it into my molds.  It made more then 6 so I poured it into ice cube trays.  On a hot day I'll use the ice cubes in a glass of Almond milk,  or for a banana, coffee smoothie.
The coffee tastes surprisingly close to the expensive Starbucks small bottles you can buy in the grocery store.  So you might want to bottle some too!