Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our Big News

At junk Evolution we absolutely love what we do, but after 3 years of just making it and a pile of hospital bills it made me wonder if I shouldn't give it up for a regular job with benefits to help contribute more to our household.  I spoke to Linda regarding my feelings and she also said that she and Bernie could not go on living on what we make.  So we decided to hang in there until the year’s end and start the process of unloading all our loot.
When I shared this with my financial advisor (my father), his answer to our closing was this, " You are at the age where you should be doing what you love not working for someone else just for the money."  He was right.
So with that in mind I started brainstorming about what it would take to make it work for all of us....if only we could charge all the customers who tell us they just come in for ideas.  We'd be rich!   What we really need is space for more inventory.  We got our heads together with Kathy from CircaArts and Gary, (our partner Carpenter Gothic) and decided to kind of merge the two shops.  We will be cutting a door between the two shops in January while we are closed.  Gary will be moving his items next door which will give junk Evolution the entire store.  Kathy is taking her shop in a new direction concentrating on artists related to the Arts and Crafts style that Kathy loves and expanding her card line and Ziggurat Tiles.  We are so excited to be merging, there are just so many positives by doing it this way.
Our last day this year will be December 28th.  We won't be participating in January's First Friday to give us more time for the remodeling.  We will reopen with our French Circus theme February 7th First Friday at 5:00.  That should give us plenty of time to overhaul the shop and fill it with new inventory.  We are thrilled to have the chance to be part of all the exciting changes taking place in the East Bank Village, and DTSB.    What you can do to help is to spread the word that we are here.  Our faithful customers can only buy so much furniture etc so we have to rely on new blood.  Tell everyone!!!! And thank you so much for your loyal support for the past three years. Here's to the next chapter...Cheers!