Monday, January 17, 2011


I always loved the fact that my grandma and grandpa Marquis used a cloth napkin, so when I domesticated I bought some and used them for company. When I finally owned a washer and dryer I rarely used a paper product.  In fact, the only time I buy them is for my children's graduation parties, and it's not without guilt!    Some may argue that the washing is just as wasteful as the paper, but it's just a little square of fabric that can be thrown in with towels.  
When my kids were small, we each had a special napkin ring and if the napkin wasn't soiled it went back into the ring.  

Everyday napkins
 They start out here, and as you can see some have grease stains, that's ok with us because we have a drawer for company as well.  It's also fun to use items like bandana's, or those red grease rags that come in large quantities.
 When they are past their prime, they become dishcloths.  These woven gems are diehards!  I used these for at least 10 years as a napkin, and probably 2 years as a dish cloth.  When  they retire from here they go to the rag box.  Since they are all cotton, they can be composted when they have reached the very end.
 He who watches over the table and guards the napkins.
 Another fun trick for stained lace tablecloths like this one, dye them!  This was always a little to fussy for me in my warm colored room so I dyed it brown and now it's just right. (Sorry Mom!)
The company drawer.
It's just a baby step to being more green, if we all did it we could save a heck of a lot of trees :)

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