Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Joyeux Anniversaire

I have to share a little bit of my month with you, and thank all the dear loved ones that made it so  special.  I had a milestone birthday this month.  I also share this birthday with 2 family members, my twin sis and my son Weston, so it's always a big deal to celebrate together.   This family celebration was at my parents for a champagne brunch.  That was just the beginning...
There is nothing better than friends that know your innermost desires and I have been truly blessed with people that feed my soul.  I have this deep passion for anything French that must be deep rooted in my ancestry . Since I wasn't able to go to France, my partners and dear friends invited Ed and I over for a fabulous French meal prepared by Linda and her brother Rick.
Le Menu

Baked Brie

A beautiful table, Black and white and Read all over!

Bernie and Linda

Pears poached in red wine
Then my friend Carla had a party and Surprise-the theme was "An evening in Paris" another fabulous French meal and all my gifts had something to do with France.  The ladies all did lots of research for food, and what to wear etc.

Now I'm totally geared up and ready for the French Market!  Oh, and BTW I'm not over the hill,  I'm on top of it!  With a support team like this how can a girl go wrong...   I think I'm really going to like being 50!

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