Thursday, July 8, 2010


For as long as I can remember I yearned to go to the mountains, and when I was 22 years young,  I packed my bags and moved to Colorado, sight unseen.  The smell of the air, the color of the sky the taste of the mountain streams had me, hook, line and sinker.   They say that you go for the winter , but you stay for the summer, and that's so true.   I skied, hiked, fished, and learned the history.   I would still be there if I hadn't moved even farther away (Hawaii). After having my first child so far from home, it brought me all the way back home.  Now my oldest son Jeramiah (a true mountain man and nature lover from the get go) lives in Glenwood Springs,  Colorado.   I live vicariously through him and even tho it's hard having him so far from home, I can relate to all the reasons why he's there, and loving every minute.   He has a degree in Outdoor Education.  (A degree in playing extreme sports, if you will, and teaching other's how to play!)  This summer he's working at a resort that has a zip line across the Colorado River, and in his spare time he goes to Moab, Utah and slack lines across canyon's.
Tomorrow we leave for our vacation to visit J.D. and visit all the places he loves.  Ed will show me the places that he loved when he lived in Ft. Collins, and I'll share mine in Dillon.  Let the adventure begin!

This is J. D.  See how nicely he blends in...

This month we are featuring Travel as one of our theme's as well,  in a vintage sort of way.  So stop in and let us take you back in time.

I will be doing some posts from the road and sharing special places.