Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Green Tip of the Day

Greener Building Materials

Whether you are constructing a dream home or renovating an existing dwelling, building work can cause a great deal of disruption, dirt and waste.  A sustainable building plan aims to cut waste, make efficient use of resources and produce a building that will have minimal impact on the environment over its whole life.

Energy and water saving features are often easier to include in your home at the construction stage.  Start by hiring an architect or builder who understands what's important to you.

Some building materials-cement, plaster, plastics and metals are made in energy-intensive processes.  Sheep's wool insulation, local slate, stone and sustainable wood use less energy in production and transportation.  Avoid wood preservatives and paints that contain toxic chemicals.

Try sourcing materials from reclamation and salvage yards: beautiful doors, fireplaces, and wooden floor boards may be among your finds.

Around a sixth of the wood brought to a construction site does not get used and ends up in landfill as offcuts instead.  Ensure that as much leftover material is recycled or reused as possible.

From: The Earths Handbook

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