Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What are YOU doing for OUR EARTH?

Today marks the 44th Anniversary of the first annual Earth Day founded to highlight the importance of environmental issues.  This special day isn't meant to replace our year-round efforts to tackle environmental problems,  but it is a good time to join millions of other concerned citizens all over the globe.  To find out what's happening near you visit the website www.earthday.net.

Fernwood Botanical Gardens  Early Spring
 It's never to late to start.  I'm really surprised and disappointed in the number of people I know who don't recycle because it's not convenient.  Everything good takes discipline.  (There are 3 I's in that word!)   
I feel guilty throwing anything into the trash if it might be recycled in some way.  Our junk mail gets shredded and goes into the compost.  You wouldn't believe the rich soil our pile produces with all the kitchen scraps and yard waste.  That rich soil goes right in to my raised beds (below) to grow our food.   If you don't grow your own food put it on your flower beds.  By growing your own food it saves in trips to the store.  The benefits of eating organic and straight from the garden means more nutrient rich meals, and hopefully less trips to the doctor :).  Once you start the ball rolling it's a win, win situation for you and the earth.
I just bought a new book "The Earth Handbook by Christine McCartney & Samantha Booth and I'll be sharing something you can do everyday for the rest of this year.

Just a reminder to all who signed up for our Terrium class- it's tomorrow night at 6PM.  See you then!


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