Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fun with Trash

I saw this idea made with wine bottles and couldn't wait to empty enough so I dug in our own recycling trash can and pulled out some Fat Tire beer bottles (I do love the labels)  and the beer is our favorite too.  Ed used to live in the town where it's made, so we took a tour last summer while visiting Ft. Collins, CO.  It's absolutely hands down one of the coolest, greenest places in the US and everyone was happy to be working there.  They have yoga night, volleyball night etc...  They give all the employee's a bike after 2 years of work, and a trip to Belgium after so many years. Even the artwork was fun and recycled.  So this is in honor of New Belgium Brewery!

my garden art, bottle star

Ed at New Belgium brewery 
What's in your trash can?

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  1. Fun with trash, sounds and looks like fun summer!!! Still trying to make Bob the Builder believe I need the countertop cabinet and cabinets for my new kitchen.

    Colorful labels look cool mixed in with the hosta's.