Thursday, July 14, 2011

Organizing Fashion Accessories 101

I'm all about making it easy to get dressed, everything is in site and easy to access.  No fancy jewelry box for this gal~just give me a box of nails and a utility box meant for the work room.  
Granted I was blessed with amp el closet space and storage for an older home (2 of the bedrooms have 2 closets each).  This is the smallest closet, but it's all mine,  Ed refers to it as "Char's Boutique."  

Silver dishes for earrings and necklaces, boxes for pins and bracelets. 

A grappler hook for fishing makes a great place for belts.

A full length mirror is a must.

shoes and scarfs
If you don't have a space like this, create one above a dresser in your bedroom.  Junk evolution sells some unique items that look nice enough to create a display with.    Remember if it's hidden away, you probably won't use it~out of site out of mind.


  1. Such a great post. Helpful and down to earth.
    I bet you look lovely every day!

  2. LOves me some jewelry beauty :) I'm a friend of Deb Schmell's and she introduced me to your blog. I hope we can road trip up to see you sometime.

    I blog about my upcycled junk and would love to have you visit fact I just made a jewelry display/storage piece here: