Friday, July 22, 2011

We've been Flocked and Re-stocked!

Summer has been very good to us,  so we are bringing new things in every single day.  So on that note
I wanted to update you on the newness...

It's an adult sandbox!

Great retro furniture

A tribute to my grandma and Andy Warhole


Vintage cameras

new glass sets

40's pottery

60's kitchen cart

pot racks

A real fish that doesn't sing "take me to the river".

The ever changing wall of art

mid-century dresser


side tables

coffee tables

vintage cots

And a flock of flamino's.  If you live in the Michianna area, Tri'Kappa will flock your person of choice for $25.00 (sm. flock of 12) or $35.00 (lg. flock of 24).  The funds are then used to help other causes.  For more information on Flocking call Kathy at 574-243-9340 or Susan 574-514-2424.