Tuesday, November 24, 2009

To polish or not to polish?

If you know us,  then you know we love our tarnish and rust,  But decided to try something shinny for the holidays (it will always tarnish up again, right?).  If you have the right mix it will work,  beautiful green moss, plucked fresh from the earth.  A cup of coffee and a girlfriend to chat with, and one can of silver polish.  It's all about the transformation, and imagination.  Oh, and a little rust and burlap thrown in are a perfect combination!


  1. I just got done polishing all my silver for the holidays. Love the shininess of it all reflected in the candlelight. Love your blog! Your pictures are amazing!

  2. Thank you Kate! I enjoyed looking at your blog also. I love being in touch with all the creative souls out there, very inspiring.