Sunday, December 13, 2009

Decorating with JUNK

I don't know why, but I like to change my decorations every year, and it starts with a theme.  Some of these things have been hanging around for years, and other's I actually bought or made to sell, but decided to use for my own home this year.  So the mad for plaid theme continued at home.  My son Jeramiah bought this cool vintage golf bag, (because he always wanted to dress in golf clothes and hit balls around).  I think he used it once.  So I borrowed it for my back door.

And my youngest son, Weston,  picked up the santa that stands in my back yard, at an auction (the left behind series!), and of course I was the one who asked him, "Now what in the heck are you going to do with that"???  He planned on a practical joke, but that never happened, so I sprayed a new coat of paint on him and plugged him in right next to my vintage lights.

I brought out the coolers, etc and the plaid theme continues in the front with lots of natural greens, cut from my trees.

The Heavy weight champ is in my sunroom/kitchen.

And my living room theme came from these outside summer lights that my daughter Rosemary and I found on sale at Target.  We thought they would look like vintage Christmas lights.  So I pulled out all the old world Angels, wings etc and made the stockings out of decorator fabrics that were saved from the landfill.
Next time I will share with you what else I made from the fabric, but right now I have a backgammon game to play with my wonderful husband in front of the fire.

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