Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Curtain Call

I promised I would share a home project with you, so before we go on to the next season, here it is.  
My home is a 1920's Craftsman  home and one of the reasons I bought it is that it still has the original woodwork and window's.  My husband of 2 1/2 years (he came after I bought the house!) is a salesman for a home remodeling company.  So he would love to upgrade all my windows and never lets me forget where all the heat is going!(out the windows).  I promised him to try to make it warmer, by making some new draperies, and sheers.  
When we were preparing for the Christmas season I started making some patchwork, table cloths from the designer fabric samples, very rich warm colors in velvets and tapestries.  I took it into my dining room, and held it up to the window and low and behold...I found the perfect bohemian mix I wanted for the room.  Needless to say, they became new draperies.
We use our dining room for every meal,  and something about the room always felt a little to formal for me, so this did the trick to tone it down to my level of comfort.  The red walls are much deeper in the real (flash photography is not true to these photo's).   The red is trues to the deep red in the fabrics.  
It's pretty amazing how much warmer the room is now!  All the fabric was saved from a landfill, so the cost was right too-free!

Remember the reason for the season-He is our present because he is always in our presence.  
I hope you have a peaceful, beautiful Holiday surrounded by those you love. 


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