Thursday, August 11, 2011

Green Thursday on Exercise.

I haven't posted a "Green Living" post in quite a while and would like to do it on exercise!   It doesn't have to be grueling it can be fun and enjoyable.  Or you can use peddle power to run your errands and get a two-for.  I live right in town and always try to walk or ride my bike, you save fossil fuel and get your exercise.   Instead of going out to lunch with an old friend we meet and go for a walk.  It's a great time to catch up.  Try to add some kind of fun to your day in the form of exercise and you won't even realize that you are getting in shape.

We have a wonderful brand span-kin new "Pumpkin Vine Trail" (it used to be the railroad) that runs from here to Goshen all the way to Shipshewanna, and it's the most beautiful, peaceful way to start your day.  No traffic, no bad fumes from cars, no noise (except the birds singing) or the singing coming from an Amish church on a Sunday.  It's truly wonderful.  Ed and I ride on Sundays to Shipshe and back in the dappled sunshine.  It' nice and cool on the path that's canopied by trees.  

I feel so fortunate to have this trail in town and can't wait to see the changing seasons along this path.  With any luck we'll have some snow this winter and it will be a great place to go cross country skiing!

The path ahead

along the way

special Ed

It's not officially open because as you can see they are
still working on the sidelines.

For more information on the trail go here

The world is your oyster, open it's door and explore!

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  1. We have a paved trail around our town that runs along the river for 12 miles. It's our favorite form of excersize whether we are biking it or walking it My friend is from Sweden and she said that at home she wouldn't consider driving to our local grocery store you would ride your bike. Well, she has been here for 18 years and now drives to the store, but her brother is visiting her right now and yesterday peddaled the bike to the store twice and just shook his head at her! I need to get on his program! t.xoxo