Monday, March 14, 2011


I woke up late today to a house still heavily draped from the winter winds.  The first thing I do every morning is pad down the wood stairs and peek out the drapes to see what the weather conditions are like so I can plan my day.  Low and behold it was a bright, sunny day!  As fast as I can,  I whip through the house throwing back the draperies and letting the sun fill me up.   After an allotted 2 cups of coffee with the cat and the fish in the sun room I grabbed my seed stash and discovered a vast array of seeds that were given to me from the Unity Gardens last year.

So I quickly dressed in many layers (I didn't really need) and mud boots and gloves with shovel in hand and got busy in preparation for the Terrarium class on Saturday.   We'll be getting some plants from Marigolds but the fillers I'm digging from my garden.  There is still time to register for the class.  The cut off is this Wednesday.

Then after digging up plants for the class, I planted some early plants that like a good frost.  Cabbage and broccoli and transplanted some asparagus.  Food prices are going up and there are still lots of hungry people out there.  Any extra that I can't eat I will bring into the shop and all the proceeds will go to the Unity Gardens or the food pantry.
I soak my peas so they start sprouting.  These will go in later today.
I still have a large pile of snow in my yard from shoveling the driveway a million times and not having anyplace to throw it.  As I walked over it today it made me think of my younger days in Colorado.  Does anyone know what corn snow is?  If you ski, it's the granular snow that also means spring has sprung.  It's wonderful skiing, the blue sky, the sunshine,  you shed some layers and get the nice raccoon eyes (suntan).   In CO you get out and enjoy every last bit of the white stuff.  So different from here.

And speaking of CO,  I'd like to introduce you to the guy who makes the Mountain Man head gear " Jeramiah Morgan".  My son who lives in Glenwood Springs, CO and crochets in his spare time.  He lives his life to the fullest and has always been a curious explorer.  He'll be moving this summer to the land where he was born, The big Island of Hawaii.  He's going to be home for a while and I talked him into teaching a class....or maybe two.

If you or your children would like to learn how to Crochet please register for the May 14th class.
He will be in the shop all day giving personal lessons.  Supplies will be furnished.  Class price $12.00.  All the proceeds will go towards new play gear for ocean sports!

I know it takes some getting used to, (as his mother) but this is his hobby "high Line".  He is hooked on
in case he falls.  If anyone is interested in learning how to slack line I'm sure he would be up for teaching a class on that as well!  

To love a person is to learn the song that is in their heart, and sing it to them when they have forgotten.

Arne Garborg

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