Friday, January 29, 2010

Mad for Vintage Glam

My husband and I got hooked on the Mad Men series this winter.  We watched all 2 seasons (via; Netflix), yes, well we don't watch tv only movies, so this was a treat.  If you love retro at it's best, then you'll love this show.  It makes me crazy for the fashions, and yes, I do wear vintage fake furs.  They are so much fun to wear out on the town, with jeans or when you are all dolled up. The vintage coats are so much warmer, they just don't make'em like they used to!
These are at the Old Creamery Antiques in Middlebury, along with a case of vintage jewelry. 

Then the other day my sweet husband came home with this....
Now this is really what the show should be called, because girls, we have come along way!

If you watch the show it's so ironic how much cigarettes and alcohol they consumed back then!  and during work no less.  These bar items are also available at the Creamery.
Cheers Gals!

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  1. Hello Charline love, it's me...Cameo ......from the Tracy Porter blog!!!! Love,..... i am so much digging your style!!!!!!! Pour me a glass of that 'Mad Housewife" Cab.............let's put on our vintage furs and chat a while............about the colors of the rainbow!!!!! Please come back to Tracy's and chat with us anytime!!!!!
    Have a grand weekend!!!!!
    Cameo oxoxx