Saturday, June 13, 2009

Snippets of my life

The Thinker
That's me!  I so tend to zone out and daydream, but heck, that's where I get lots of my idea's!  So take some time to yourself this weekend to relax, chill, enjoy and think.

We are heading to the new farmers market (to do some "green shopping" think local.  Then to LaPaz to The First Annual Folk Art Gathering.  You can get the info by going to web site.  We met her at one of our shows and she is a very talented artist.

Ok, I do like some fun things and a mix, but I am always nature inspired, looking for interesting planters or bringing the outdoors in (garden statues).  So think outside the box and you'll never go back in.  Have a great weekend!                  ~ Char

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