Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rumspringa Wear and Urban Twist

I've mentioned before that I have a few other little ditties that I love to do, so here they are...

RUMSPRINGA WEAR~ is 100% cotton Amish underwear gone wild.  I've been wearing it since I found it ( I was a teenager).  You can wear it alone or under another item or as pajama's.  I've been doing this business for about 15 years and they evolve with the times.  Right now they are embellished with stone or shell beads and dyed in fun colors.

This display is at Accent Framing and Gifts on Washington Street, in Goshen, IN.  Urban Lily's in South Bend (also on Washington Street-that's weird!) has a limited amount of the cami's.

URBAN TWIST~  Jewelry and purses  (display at Accent's)
RUMSPRINGA WEAR SETS for sleeping or staying warm
My daughter Rosemary wearing a short sleeve
Long sleeve T's  just chillin!

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