Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Indian Summer

One of our favorite places to visit in the fall is Traverse City, Michigan.  We haven't gotten to go since we started this business but Ed surprised me and made the reservation.  I'm sure its beautiful any time of the year but we enjoy it in the fall because it's dressed in brilliant hues, and it's not as crowded this time of year.  It's breath taking everywhere you look, the food is amazing, and the peninsula is full of winery's and now distilleries and there are micro brews all over town.  It's a sensory overload and a great way to re-charge!  

Even the clouds are brilliant!

Farm stands are everywhere

The vineyards

and the bay at Lake Michigan

This is our last week of Farm house, and next week we set up for "The Great Gatsby" so here's a last look of October.

custom Farm House table

A grain bin fashioned into a planter, blanket holder, manger .....

Fireplace mantel

Lenox china-perfect for your Thanksgiving table

Bittersweet Wreaths and perfect patina doors

Vintage Twill will outfit you for Fall and winter in darling

Lamps and tables and pumpkins-Oh my!

Glass door book shelf

White china tea set

Antique utensils

a new use for a bed footboard-Window Valance or
create a dramatic bed by hanging it above yours
with curtains billowing out from behind!

A perfect country French storage for dishes or to show off
your quilt collection.

The Barn yard

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