Monday, August 11, 2014

Living the Green Life

New Belgium Brewery is one of my FAVORITE places to visit, and it's not because of the beer!  (although it is pretty wonderful.)  This place is all about being good stewards of the earth and to the people who work for them.  We've taken 2 tours and it only makes me love it more, because you learn something new every time.  If you're ever going to take a trip to Fort Collins, CO call ahead and book a tour (even if you aren't a beer drinker, you'll have a great time and it will make you appreciate what they do).  You never see an employee that doesn't look happy.  After one year of employment you are part owner of the company and are presented with the Fat Tire bike of the year.  They have yoga on Thursday nights for the employee's and on and on fun activities planned to promote good health and happiness :)
These are the big steam activated processors, and then they
recycle the steam and the grains after they leave this area.  I wish
you could see the beautiful tile work surrounding these vats.

An awesome table top

Art made from recycled cameras for their snapshot beer

the barrels

our tour  guide

size in reference to my daughter :)

rock climbing wall for the employees!

Most employees ride their fat tired bikes to work but they
also have stations to plug your electric cars!

Awesome light fixtures with recycled bottles 

seating made from bike rims

A light fixture made from a bike rim and beer cans

another perk for emplyees

Sampling the brew

I love their ART!

at the end you can ride the slide.

The CEO is on the Left!

inside the airstream

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