Sunday, May 18, 2014

There's Been Some Confusion?

You may see some new faces at junk Evolution if you haven't been in for awhile.  My twin sister Christine (yes, really) and her daughters (my nieces) Lyra and Jade have been helping us out.   As I've mentioned before Christine and Lyra are now selling their vintage clothing at the shop.  Really beautiful finds.  So if you are in need of a special outfit stop by.

Lyra, Christine, Jade and their dog Gus (who looks like Pax)
These ladies really rock the vintage!  If you need help putting together
an outfit, come in on a Friday and they will assist you.

See there really is two of us!
Jade, Lyra, Christine, my mom Janet, Me and my little sis Gail (sister Cindy not pictured)

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