Friday, March 8, 2013

Life in Technicolor

How do you punch up a dreary room?  With color of course.  Sometimes all it needs is one thing in an all white room to make our heart swoon, and other times it's the combo.  Here are a few of our punches! 

A ladder/shutter shelf

Asian mantel

Child's cabinet

Carpenter Gothic shelf

Lucky Lady Lu's sweater clips

I Love Love Love these as Art-They are so beautifully detailed.  And they
come in handy for sewing too :)

Use a neutral background (grey) to make your collections
stand out.

We have some great sets of dishes in the shop now.

Mix and match them for an interesting tablescape

New earrings

Easter is coming!

Carpenter Gothic cabinet

With a punch of color on the inside
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Old cabinet turned island

Spring ahead on Sunday!

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