Monday, February 4, 2013

French Style 101

1.  Rust and age, natural patina of a wood, metal etc.
#2.  Linen, canvas, burlap.
 We love February for the sole reason that we get to decorate the store in this style.  Our partner Gary is still trying to grasp the concept of this style (guys you know!) and allowed me to pull items out of his warehouse for the shop.  I was like a kid in a candy store! I pulled out  this great baby bed on wheels.   His response was, "What would someone want that for?"  How awesome would this be filled with dried hydrangea's on a front porch in the spring?  Or as a place to store pillows in your family room, or at a baby shower or wedding to hold the gifts?  The possibilities are endless.

We had a great crowd as always on First Friday and sold lots of great items, but these are still here, and Thursday will be a whole new load coming in.  Pops of RED for Valentines day.    Hiromi has also created some beautiful pouches for money, and keychains with crocheted hearts for the occasion.
3.  Chippy white paint


#5.  Furniture with curves!

#6.  Repurposing of industrial items

Chandeliers of all sizes, shapes and sizes

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