Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Green" tip of the day to ya

We all know that Keurig's are all the rage in coffee these days, and let me tell you how much I love mine...a fresh hot cup every time!  But I think you all know by now, that I really don't like waste and the whole k cup factor bothers me.  They are not recyclable, and even tho you can open them and compost the grounds the plastic ends up in the landfill.  I'm sure the company's want to sell the k cups so they don't tell you much about the filters you can buy.

 You make the coffee the same way with your own ground coffee and insert it in the grey tube with the lid.  All can be ordered on line.
So make a commitment to go Green on this St. Paddy's day and switch to filters!  Here is the link to order

1 comment:

  1. If I had a Keurig, I would definitely do this!

    Incidentally, an author acquaintance of mine has a Keurig, and he named it Katie. :D