Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rocking the night away

      I probably sound like a broken record sometimes but my feelings are deep rooted and it's my mantra to always use what you have available to you.  Usually it's applied to supplies in our art/decorating but as I've mentioned before we've been blessed by so many awesome customers that I try to utilize their talents as well.  Sometimes they end up as my inspiration for themes as they were once again for First Friday,  "Dancing into December."  
     Maggie and Maureen are two sustainable chicks that live the green local, ride bikes, recycle etc  We got to know them from their patronage to our shop, and in a conversation one day I learned from Maggie that she's been taking Ball room dancing lessons for 10 years and so the story goes the gals and their husbands were our live entertainment from 5 until 9.  They literally rocked our world and all our customers, people passing by...
Thank you Maggie, Eric, Maureen & Stephan!

Maureen and Stephan
Maggie & Eric

 The other person we love to promote and who you may already know is Hiromi.  She's our Artist of the month and came with a plethora of new purses and jewelry.  I happen to love the purses that are made from recycled kimono's because of their vibrant colors and patterns.  Check out more

 This is the art of Linda (above).
our White Christmas in the shop
and my white backyard Wednesday morning!

new ways to use old items

A chair suitable for royalty!

Alternative's for Christmas trees!

Vintage goodness

Mona welcomed (and maybe scared) the guests!


We're loving orange and light turquoise together! 

Barn louver turned plate rack


               Henry David Thoreau

Also many thanks for all the donations collected for the food pantry and homeless shelter.  

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  1. The polka dots really do look like snow!